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Netlabel Day 2023


001 Records

A World Divided

Ilusión – Ilusión
Khassarat – How many more must perish in the pursuit of hope?


1MC 84: This is Tropic
1MC 85: Life’s Hard and Then You Die


V.A – Eclecticos Corazones Mixtape De AVDPaso 2023

Believe in Billy

Mental Health Consumer – Everything at Once


Nerdicus- The Adventure Begins – Gab to Kag – On The Move (Instrumentals)
Cheese N Pot-C – Friendly Neighborhood Banners
Nick Falcon – Degenerate Art
Pot-C – Don’t Go Changing
Headsnack – The Comet
Me As In You – Neon
C-Doc – SIX ONNA 7 (Stage 6)
Donnie Ozone – Give Thanks

Broken Drum Records

Secret Archives of the Vatican – Herosys Dub

Cairo Braga

Cairo Braga – The Front Balcony


RTFL – Netlabel Day 2023

Cockatiel Records

Silver Centurion – Jynxed

Crafting Room Records

Archie Sagers – Gold Again
Did – Sanity

Crem Road

The Big Circus Project – May The Force Be With Cats
Me In The Bath – Fairy Tales (Songs for Johnny)
Brainless On Line – Brainless On Live
Still Living Creature – Another Year

Dancefloor Socialism

Various – Netlabel Day 2023: Techno Warriors

Der kleine grüne Würfel

RTFL – Netlabel Day 2023
FC Stoffel – Der Frieden braucht keine neuen Lieder
Drehkommando – Mülheimer Nacht 2023

Digital Diamonds

Eli Wallis/Ardente Patience

Recurrent Transmissions

Embajadores de Musica Colombiana

India del Espacio – Cadenas de Agüero

Enough Records

Enough Records #88
Interview with Mellow-D / Five Musicians

Gatti Rossi Che Cadono

Boari Nicola+Painful Silence – Split

Green Beats

VV. AA. – Dub Free X

Green Note Records

Gaucho Viento – Cohuie: The Organic Sound of Patagonia


guska – 5 Years a Goose
guska & The Beat Battlers – BB2


H-M O – CC-BY IV by H-M O

Internet Daemon

V/A x Humanfobia – ▲​†​CROSS3S & TRI​▲​NGL3S​▲​

j’ai ecouté

Joseph – MPB PE 110 (CL

Jazz Goa

Goa Going Gone – The Collected Jazz Junction


Jazz Hands – A Jazzaria Compilation

Kahvi Collective

4T Thieves – Hauntology


Access Frame: Xenophoby


Andrew Walton – Songlarking
Vile Brain Samples – A Song with No Ending

Lasse Jansen

LJDB – Coop


the devil and god are rage-facing inside me (deluxe edition)
in this moment, i’m fine


Magnatune Sampler 2023
Maurice and the Beejays – Why Isn’t There Nothing?
The Old Recruits – Off the Rails


Virtually J – Reworks

Milano Lounge

Roberto Bocchetti – Mix

Mimi Records

Linda Bjalla + Ogata Tetsuo – Sayonara


Floating Mind – Infini EP

Monumental Records MNMN

VVAA. – Netlabel Day 2023: True Underground Electronic Music


mrblitz – Pumpkins


Musopen 2023 Sampler

Nenormalizm Recs.

Various Artists – Netlabel Day 2023


Netlabel Day 2023: Netlabel Essentials 09

Noisybeat Extended

Remote Guest List – Low Light Stories Remix

Nul Tiel Records

Anemoia – Home
Bio Unit – Fragmented
Doppelter Tropfen – Mikro Zirkus
Metre – Dream
Viscid – Minus
Xylo-Ziko – Glass
Modern Monster – We are Modern Monster
Frequency Decree – Undercurrent


Mr Hoosteen – No Time 2 Lose (DJ Tool)


Zimní pneu – Satelity

Real More Real

Hikokomori – Warui Musuko

Soisloscerdos Netlabel

Various Artists – Soiuncerdo? Minicompilation: Netlabel Day 2023
Orgonon Sound Machine – The Ashes

Sonido Cuántico

Pablo Javier Piacente – Otros Mundos

Spettro Rec

Boari Nicola+Painful Silence – Split

Submarine Broadcasting Company

Schall und Stille – Flames

Sunset Grid/Okvlt Tmpls

VA – Zero Seven
Spatium Vacua – Inevitable Existentialism

Taped Rugs

Charles Rice Goff III – Soundtracks

Tinty Music

Tinty Music – Noise Could Take Years Off Your Life

…tiuš men govoru kvaj pank!?

Death By Cigarettes – Red Dragon/Stone Fire

Torsten Torsten

Torsten Torsten – Arbeit oder Liebe


Homeostasis – Ulibox
Homeostasis – What There Is
Homeostasis – What is the Value of X?
Hoffmann Bender – Hoffmann Bender
jmlxv – All Probability
jmlxv – As Like As Not
Jolanda Moyle – Elvina
Jolanda Moyle – Strange Lands
Tripswyche – Do Birds Dream in Song?
Tripswyche – Endgame: Death Ritual
Westwood and Volume – Phase Shifter

Vulpiano Records

Vulpiano Records – Vulpiano Records Sampler EP- Vol. 17

Yes No Wave Music

Mother Bank – Tanggung Rentang
Raja Kirik – The Phantasmaghoria of Jathilan


VA – Netlabel Day 2023